In Stock Backdrops

8×8 Pillow Fabric (No Extra Charge)

These are screen printed on pillow-type fabric, stretched to a smooth surface. The designs look gorgeous on camera and some even have a 3D effect once you see the end result. There’s no charge to utilize these backdrops in your booth rental package.

Mermaid Sequin 8×8 ($100 charge)

Create your own patterns with our Mermaid Sequin Pillow Cover Fabric Backdrop! This is a gorgeous backdrop that features hundreds of actual shimmering sequins. Sequins are sewn onto a knit material. The backdrops are not see thru due to the layers of sequins and backing. To create your design, just brush your hands across the hundreds of sequins which allow it to change colors.

There’s an additional $100 charge for any Mermaid Sequin Backdrops

Green Screen ($100 charge)

Our Green Screen opens up the ability to virtually be anywhere you’d like such as a beach, famous landmark, or outer space. Our booth software will remove the solid green color and replace it with a high quality photo you can find anywhere online such as

There’s an additional $100 charge for the green screen backdrop (unless already included in package)

Custom Backdrops

8×8 Pillow Fabric ($200 or $400 charge)

We can order any of the backdrops below for your next event.
The typical lead time is 2 weeks for delivery, please keep this in mind.
There is an extra $200 charge to order any backdrops in the library below
If you have your own royalty-free image ready to go, the same $200 price will apply

Custom Graphic Design or Corporate Step-and-Repeat Backdrops are an additional $400