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  • How much do you charge for delivery?
    Delivery is FREE within 30 miles of Las Vegas. Extra mileage is billed at a rate of $1.75/mi, up to 100 miles. Any excess will be billed at a custom rate depending on selected booth package and travel requirements.
  • Can you design my prints?
    Absolutely! We make the whole process easy and automated by providing a huge library of unique templates you can choose from. Once you have a design selected, provide us the details on what you’d like the prints to say. Our staff works on the revisions until you’re satisfied. All of this is included in your booth rental package.
  • Do I have to pay in full to reserve my date?
    Full payment is only due 14 days prior to your event. Our non-refundable retainer is 50% for all services, which will hold your date and block anyone else from reserving your time. If you’d like to make a full payment, you’re more than welcome to.
  • How soon will I receive my photos taken?
    We give our best effort in making sure that all images/video is available within 5 minutes. The time it takes depends on the cellular connection in the area your venue is located. You will receive a link to your free online gallery prior to the event. Guests will receive a SMS and/or email linking the same gallery for social sharing and collaboration. In rare cases, you will receive a complete gallery by the end of day.
  • How long do prints take?
    You should receive your printout within 10-12 seconds. Depending on the printer, this can be upwards of 15 seconds. Either way, every person receives a print right on the spot! 1 copy is allowed for each person in a photo session. Unlimited photo sessions can be taken.
  • Do you offer active military, veteran, or non-profit discounts?
    Yes, we can provide a 10% discount for proof of active or prior military status for yourself or a close relative. For any non-profit events, we have special pricing that can be discussed accordingly. Please reach out to find more info.
  • What are your space requirements?
    We must have at least a 10ftx10ft space available to setup. This will allow plenty of room for our props table, booth setup, and line queues. A minimum height clearance of at least 9-10ft is required for our backdrop to fit accordingly. We must be within 15ft of a 110V, 10amp, 3 prong, power outlet. Failure to adequately accommodate our equipment could forfeit your booking.
  • Can the booth go outside?
    Yes, we can setup outside. It is preferred that you have a shaded area for us to setup under since the Las Vegas heat can cause an issue. We can bring equipment to prepare for the outside environment but a surcharge will apply.
  • Why should I choose BoothMeUp LV?
    Simple, we put top quality and customer satisfaction first! The market is saturated with photo booth rental companies but it’s our staff who make the experience worthwhile. With us, we invest in technology so everything stays as automated and seamless as possible. We care less about the $$$ and more about making your event a huge success! We do this for the fun, yet we still have a business to operate. You have direct contact with ownership so rest assured the decision maker is only a call or email away. BoothMeUp LV also tries to stay ahead of the market by testing unique packages (such as the portrait booth + party roamer in one) and introducing new tech (like our HoloFan). We show up on time, ready to hit the ground running. Unlike other competitors, we actually know how to get the best quality images out of a camera and that reflects in the WOW factor when guests see what we capture.
  • How late can I book your services?
    We require at minimum a 3 day lead time. There are NO last minute bookings unless our scheduling situation is ideal. A lot of factors go into whether we can accommodate a booking including booth attendant availability, design work turnaround, and backdrop selections.
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