Photo Booth attendants are the life of the party. You must have a charismatic personality and know how to have fun! Being on-time is a MUST. Setup the booth, test everything, direct guests on what poses to take for the best shots. We are technology-heavy so knowing your way around computers and software is a plus. This job pays $15-20/hr on a part-time contract.


  • All staff will start as Part Time 1099 contractors
  • $15/hr for first 35 events completed, transitioning to $20/hr after 35 events completed
  • $10/hr for all training and meetings
  • Paid every Wednesday by direct deposit for the previous week. No taxes are taken out since you are working an independent agreement.
  • $0.56 mileage reimbursement (2021 Rate)
  • Bonuses based on performance or referred bookings
  • Tips and/or food may be provided by host of event