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Check out some of the start screen templates you can choose and have us customize it for FREE! All-inclusive with your photo booth rental.Start screens are the very first visual you see on the Portrait Booth or Selfie Station when guests walk up to take a picture.These are animations that will attract passerby’s and get the party going.Please allow a few moments for the content to load below…

Mermaid Sequin 8×8 ($100 charge)

Create your own patterns with our Mermaid Sequin Pillow Cover Fabric Backdrop! This is a gorgeous backdrop that features hundreds of actual shimmering sequins. Sequins are sewn onto a knit material. The backdrops are not see thru due to the layers of sequins and backing. To create your design, just brush your hands across the hundreds of sequins which allow it to change colors.

There’s an additional $100 charge for any Mermaid Sequin Backdrops